Donald. Saviour of refresher training?

Next week, I am delivering refresher training to some counter-staff of a MSB. At the start of the session, I ask the delegates for any real of concern or topics that they would like to see covered. Almost certainly, I’ll be swept away by an onrushing tide of silence. Let’s face it, few counter-staff areContinue reading “Donald. Saviour of refresher training?”

HMRC wants MSB Customer data

HMRC has issued a consultation document. They are looking to extend the scope of existing powers to include MSBs. The data-gathering powers are used to help identify businesses that are evading tax. In a nutshell, MSBs will be expected to provide regular ‘bulk’ data on customers and transactions. The consultation document asks 11 questions ofContinue reading “HMRC wants MSB Customer data”

Sorry, we are closing your account.

I came across this article the other day. It is by Scott Paul who works for Oxfam. Oxfam on Derisking It is well worth a read. In case you are pressed for time – I have copied one paragraph below. Though banks should make individualized assessments of the risks their clients present, governments are primarilyContinue reading “Sorry, we are closing your account.”