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Whether it be Customer Due Diligence or Customer Service, there are techniques and competencies that can be taught and learned. A well-trained team is more competent, more motivated and more profitable. Lime has significant experience in course design and delivery in the retail financial services industry and beyond.

Lime will design and deliver training seminars to all levels of personnel. All courses are tailored to their audience. As such, design and delivery costs vary according the the subject matter. The focus is on adding value to the business. Training should not be viewed as an overhead, but as an investment in growing the business.

Analysis at one customer demonstrated payback on a customer service course of less than one week. In one week, the training was judged to have paid for itself in increased revenues at the point of sale. Few investments can boast such an impact.

As a guide, delivery of a full day course will be around £1,600 depending on the subject matter and the seniority of the consultant.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.