Big Compliance Festival 1. Change and Culture

I survived. Part one of The Big Compliance Festival, that is. All six speakers, including David Blunt from the FCA talked about the importance of culture in compliance. Let me oversimplify this. Regulators and supervisors don’t want to see firms being compliant because they have to be; they want to see firms being compliant, becauseContinue reading “Big Compliance Festival 1. Change and Culture”

Keeping Up-to-date

2018 was a busy year for Lime. In addition to looking after clients, Stuart got re-certified in Anti Money Laundering by the International Compliance Association (ICA) and attended the Annual Conference in London. The ICA runs multiple events, seminars and webinars as part of their BIG Compliance Conversation. Keeping up-to-date is an important part ofContinue reading “Keeping Up-to-date”


More properly, the title is; ‘HM Revenue and Customs AML/CTF Thematic Review of anti-money laundering compliance in the Money Service Business. The report in itself is worth reading, but my interest was piqued by the following; ‘Due to concerns that MSBs may be easily abused by criminals and terrorist financiers, some banks have withdrawn servicesContinue reading “HMRC MSB Review”

Money Service Businesses and Banks

Here I posted about the torrid time Money Service Businesses were having hanging onto banking facilities. The difficulties persist. Some businesses have closed, or reverted to older practices, keeping the flow of money hidden, out of the limelight. This latter practice is a spectacular own goal, undoing decades of good work by law enforcement and regulators.Continue reading “Money Service Businesses and Banks”