Stop Press. Banks charge fees!

Card Fees. Annually, the BBC recycles a story on foreign ‘plastic’ spending by UK travellers and the fees they pay. The latest iteration was last week. I caught it on the evening news, and at the time of writing, it remains on the internet. The article even links back to last year’s version, written byContinue reading “Stop Press. Banks charge fees!”

De-risking – an epidemic?

I was talking to an estate agent. He was negotiating his exit from his current firm to set up on his own. “All going smoothly?” I asked. “Well, apart from the Bank.” I assumed that the Bank was exercising caution over extending a loan to a new business. “No, they are happy to lend meContinue reading “De-risking – an epidemic?”

Sorry, we are closing your account.

I came across this article the other day. It is by Scott Paul who works for Oxfam. Oxfam on Derisking It is well worth a read. In case you are pressed for time – I have copied one paragraph below. Though banks should make individualized assessments of the risks their clients present, governments are primarilyContinue reading “Sorry, we are closing your account.”