Fraud Threats during the Pandemic situation

I wrote last week about fraud, and the Dark Money Files, in particular. This week, I caught up with the final presentation on Fraud. Business has adapted to Covid-19. Logically, fraudsters have too. Compliance teams have been completing risk assessments, and criminal teams are conducting opportunity assessments. There’s a lot of stress out there –Continue reading “Fraud Threats during the Pandemic situation”

The Dark Money Files

Day three of the Big Compliance Festival was all about fraud. Compliance is seldom considered thrilling or exciting, but fraud is the only element about which movies are made. All three presentations were excellent. Actually, that’s a guess. I have, as yet, only watched two. The third is on my to-do list. One presentation inContinue reading “The Dark Money Files”

Big Compliance Festival 1. Change and Culture

I survived. Part one of The Big Compliance Festival, that is. All six speakers, including David Blunt from the FCA talked about the importance of culture in compliance. Let me oversimplify this. Regulators and supervisors don’t want to see firms being compliant because they have to be; they want to see firms being compliant, becauseContinue reading “Big Compliance Festival 1. Change and Culture”

Working Safely during COVID-19 in shops and branches

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has issued Guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed. Purpose “This document is to help employers, employees and the self-employed in the UK understand how to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping as many people as possible 2 metres apart from those they do notContinue reading “Working Safely during COVID-19 in shops and branches”

Keeping Up-to-date

2018 was a busy year for Lime. In addition to looking after clients, Stuart got re-certified in Anti Money Laundering by the International Compliance Association (ICA) and attended the Annual Conference in London. The ICA runs multiple events, seminars and webinars as part of their BIG Compliance Conversation. Keeping up-to-date is an important part ofContinue reading “Keeping Up-to-date”

Sanctions: In, out, in, out, shake it all about.

In June, I wrote about the conflicting advice on sanctions and specifically on dealing with Iran. A couple of months later, the international community will surely have sorted that out. Ah. Not exactly. Federica Mogherini, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs, said Brussels would not let the 2015 agreement with Tehran die, and she urgedContinue reading “Sanctions: In, out, in, out, shake it all about.”

Stop Press. Banks charge fees!

Card Fees. Annually, the BBC recycles a story on foreign ‘plastic’ spending by UK travellers and the fees they pay. The latest iteration was last week. I caught it on the evening news, and at the time of writing, it remains on the internet. The article even links back to last year’s version, written byContinue reading “Stop Press. Banks charge fees!”